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Season 2

The Seed Company | Every Tribe Every Nation Part 3

No message or book has ever been translated into all 7000+ languages. Yet new technologies and methodologies are radically changing the rate and quality of translation, and forging the way for one of the greatest achievements in history: the Bible in every language. And it’s happening in our lifetime. Kris Langham sits down with Randall Lemley...

YWAM | Every Tribe Every Nation Part 2

End Bible Poverty Now. That simple motto has become the rallying cry of a phenomenal movement, one that is grounded in a partnership of Bible societies and mission organizations from around the world. In part two of our series (captured at the ETEN Summit in November 2019), Dax Fears of Youth With a Mission shares stories from the front lines...

MegaVoice | Every Tribe Every Nation Part 1

One Bible. Seven-thousand languages. In the history of the world, no message has ever been translated into all of humanity's 7,000+ languages. In November 2019, the ETEN Summit gathered Bible translators and distributors from across the globe to collaborate as they move forward in their unprecedented task. If their plan succeeds, the Bible will...

Tongue Out Missions | Faith, Medicine, & Pandemic Part 2

 Staying sane during a world-wide pandemic can be challenging. Dr. Trinh joins Kris & Brad for more balanced discussion on staying healthy and safe, and shares powerful stories from the mission field with Tongue Out medical missions. Today’s Theology Throwdown: Where faith meets pandemic.  

Faith & Medicine | Faith, Medicine & Pandemics Part 1

Season 2 opens with another phenomenal testimony as we interview Dr. Dung “Iggy” Trinh – UCI Med School professor, ER doctor, founder of Tongue Out medical missions, and gifted explainer of all things medical. He also has a powerful back story, escaping Vietnam at 5 years old on the last day of the war. Dr. Iggy is a trusted voice in health and medicine here in Southern California, and we invited him to share his story and answer questions about COVID-19 and much more. We’ll take on important questions – like where faith meets medicine – and where grace meets pandemic!

Season 1

Recovery & Resilience | Vegas Shooting Stories Part 3

How do you go back to normal when your whole world has been shaken?Both of our shooting victim couples are back with powerful stories of resilience, as they talk about the events after the shooting and the physical and psychological recovery over the past two years.  

First Responders | Vegas Shooting Part 2

Firefighter Steve Treskes and his wife Abra went to the Route 91 Country Music Festival, and Steve left with a bullet in his leg. Steve & Abra tell their story, share life as a first responder, and help Pastor Kris tackle the “where was God” question in Theology Throwdown. (PG-15)  

Grace Under Fire | Vegas Shooting Stories Part 1

Frank & Autumn Bignamy are the kind of high school teachers you never forget. On October 1, 2017, they were enjoying a country music festival when they thought they heard fireworks… until a bullet pierced Autumn’s face. Frank & Autumn share their powerful story of escape, resilience, and the road to recovery. (PG-15)  

Immigrants & Refugees | Life on Mission Part 4

What does the Bible say about immigrants and refugees? And how should we get involved? Jonathan Ferguson is back with more Kenya stories, and Ryan Woodburn shares his experience working with refugees in the US.

On a Mission From God | Life on Mission Part 3

Jonathan & Adrienne Ferguson share more heart warming stories from Nairobi about the beautiful Kenyan people and the joys and challenges of adoption on the mission field. Ryan Woodburn is also back, as our panel of missionaries discusses the various roles of goers and senders, short term and long term missions, and much more.  

S1E10 Refugees in my Backyard | Life On Mission Part 2

Some mission fields are overseas, others are right next door. Ryan Woodburn shares the stories of his family’s move to a neighborhood of Muslim refugees to work, share, and minister to their neighbors.  

Kenya Calling | Life on Mission Part 1

The best stories in the world come from people who live their life on mission for God. Jonathan & Adrienne Ferguson share their adventures with snakes in the house, baboons in the yard, and God's grace at every turn in Nairobi, Kenya.  

Recovery Meets Church | Drugs & Grace Part 4

Inviting recovering addicts to church can be a little scary. Both addicts and church members have some fears to overcome, but the grace that pours out when the church lives its purpose is something to see. Mike Bonomo shares powerful stories and practical wisdom on recovery as a ministry in your church.

Peace-Love-Unity-Respect | Drugs & Grace Part 3

What happens when a group of rave kids take a weekend away from EDM and hard drugs and head off to family-style camp with a bunch of Christians - complete with s’mores and Bibles around the campfire? Rob & Colleen Myers are back with more adventures in grace, and Mike Bonomo joins the discussion as we dig into the Word to find the real...

Grace for an Addict | Drugs & Grace Part 2

Mike Bonomo was in a dark place, ravaged by drugs and separated from hope. But sometimes the pit is right where God finds you. Mike shares his journey from dope dealer to hope dealer, and Kris & Brad join the conversation to find some Biblical balance on alcohol and addiction.

Free Mom Hugs at a Rave | Drugs & Grace Part 1

Loud electronic music, thousands of drugged out kids, and… free mom hugs? Rob and Colleen Myers are the last people you’d expect to see at a rave, but week after week they show up with mom hugs, dad jokes, and an RV full of grace.

Race, Religion, & Identity | Fatherless No More Part 4

What role does skin color play in identity formation, and how does following Jesus affect your cultural identity? Gabriel & TeDese are back to discuss unity, diversity, and the image of God - plus Gabriel finally shares what happened when the man he shot tracked him down!

Manhood Redefined | Fatherless No More Part 3

Great Stories. Tough Issues. Grace in the Real World. Sole invites ordinary people with extraordinary stories to talk through the complex issues of modern life and find the place where grace meets truth in every matter. Kris Langham and Brad Hornback host this weekly podcast by Through the Word. You gotta hear this story!

Teaching Manhood | Fatherless No More Part 2

Great Stories. Tough Issues. Grace in the Real World. Sole invites ordinary people with extraordinary stories to talk through the complex issues of modern life and find the place where grace meets truth in every matter. Kris Langham and Brad Hornback host this weekly podcast by Through the Word. You gotta hear this story!

Gangs, Guns, & Grace | Fatherless No More Part 1

It began with a gunfight. One man went down, the other to jail. What happened in jail, and what happened in court just seconds before the gavel dropped - changed this life forever. Gabriel Nieves shares his powerful story, from thug life - to prison - to redemption, and now back to the old neighborhood. Kris & Brad join the discussion as we...